If there are two things most of us don’t have enough of, it’s time and money. Happily, we can give you back a little of both!


After 12 rate hikes since May 2022, it’s never been more important to get the best value possible on a home loan. But shopping around and comparing rates takes time – and plenty of it.  As home loan experts, we know which lenders are offering competitive deals and can potentially supersize your loan savings.  But there are other steps we take to help you enjoy more spare time – and potentially put a little more spare cash in your hip pocket.


Here are six ways we work hard to save you time and money:


  • Help you pinpoint what really matters in a home loan
    With hundreds of home loans to choose from, it can be difficult (and time consuming) to  pick which ones offer the best deals for you.
    It’s not just about finding the loan with the cheapest rate. A very low-rate loan may be packed with hidden fees and charges. What matters is that your home loan is a great fit for your situation, combining a competitive rate plus all the features and flexibility you are likely to need and want.

  • Save time, save hassle
    Filling in a home loan application is no one’s idea of fun. That’s why we am here to help, ensuring you have all the essential documents before you get started and submitting the details to the lender on your behalf. It saves you time and takes the hard yards out of arranging a home loan.


  • Understand costs
    It’s easy to be transparent about the costs you can expect to pay no matter whether you’re a first home buyer, seasoned investor or refinancer. This way, you will have a clear picture of how your budget shapes up, letting you make an informed decision.


  • The confidence of knowing if an new loan is right for you
    Mortgage brokers are required by law to act in their customers’ best interests. So if you are not in a position to buy a home, upgrade to a new place or refinance an existing loan, we will let you know.
    But you won’t walk away empty-handed. We can suggest a range of strategies to help you achieve your property goals and check in regularly to see how you’re progressing and provide tips and support until you’re well placed to apply for a home loan.


  • A selection of over 40+ lenders
    More choice means a better chance of getting a great deal!
    This gives you hundreds of loans to choose from including those offered by the big banks through non-bank lenders, credit unions and building societies.
    Some lenders even specialise in certain types of borrowers. So you can be confident we can pinpoint the right loan and lender for your needs.

  • Ensuring you always have a grate rate
    Regular home loan reviews are at no cost to you.  It’s a great way to save because even a small rate discount can cut your repayments and that means more money for you.