Looking for a home for you or your family in Brisbane? Whether you’re going to be a first home owner or looking to move to a new location, we’ve got you covered as we share in this post some of the best suburbs in Brisbane for families and some tips for choosing a location that suits your family.

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Before we share some of our top picks for family-friendly suburbs in Brisbane, there’s a few factors you need to consider first which will help you choose a suburb in Brisbane ideal for your family.

Schools: The number of preschools and schools in the area indicate whether there are many families already living in the area. Will there be kids to play with your street? Would other families be willing to car pool driving to kid’s activities?

Community services: When you have kids, you’ll want to access community based services much more frequently than when you didn’t. The availability of libraries, community centres, emergency departments and health centres all attribute to how family friendly a suburb is.

Shopping: Keeping the family pantry and fridge stocked is much easier when there are local supermarkets close by. Being able to go to a supermarket, easily park and not have to venture through a large shopping centre with young children is definitely something you need to look at when choosing your new home.

Public transport: As the kids get older, having access to public transport becomes important, not only to prevent you as parents from constantly playing chauffeur, but also to help build your children’s independence.



According to RP Data from Aussie Home Loans (taking into account property prices, sizes of land, average number of bedrooms, proximity to amenities like schools, shopping, health care and capital gains over time) these suburbs are among the top family friendly in Brisbane:

Morayfield: The winner of best family suburb by RealEstate.com.au, though part of the Moreton Bay Region, it is just North of Brisbane and ticks all the boxes for a family area, especially when it comes to price (media house price 310,000).

Sandgate: Located on the bay, this suburb has a good town centre, a train station, beautiful views, walking paths, parks & playgrounds, and several schools. This is best if you’re looking for a quiet area for more relaxed living.

Victoria Point: Located southeast of Brisbane’s centre, this residential area is popular for families because of its proximity to local schools. It’s also close to Thompson’s Beach which provides the perfect area for a family day out. There are a number of large supermarkets in the area, a public area, cinema complex. As well as lots of specialty shops and lakeside restaurants.

Holland Park: This suburb is great for families as there a number of large established parks, a good range of schools, a library and a very convenient shopping street. Also, as it is only about 10km from the city centre, it is well connected so public transport is super easy to catch and eliminates using your car so much.

Balmoral: Located South of Brisbane and along the river, this suburb is serviced by buses and city cat, with the Morningside train station not far away. Along the main suburb centre are many cafes, restaurants, interesting boutiques and a cinema. There are also lots of nice parts, wide tree lined streets, and a local school. A definite community feel can be attributed to the area.

Southbank: Certainly one of the more trendier of Brisbane Suburbs (with the higher price that goes with it) it’s also very connected with public transport hubs for buses, trains, ferries and city cat. It’s close to many cafes and restaurants, and other public entertainment, nearby both schools and universities can be found, great for those with older children.



Finding the best home for your family means you need to think about all these factors plus the proximity of your work and how you are going to commute. Looking for a well-rounded area that suits your lifestyle is key, and choosing a new home is always a big decision. If you feel you’ve found some areas you like, let us at i Lend Finance Solutions help you with making an informed decision and source a home loan that will work for you.