That’s right, one of our very competitive lenders are currently offering a cracker deal if you are looking at purchasing a home to live in. You will only have to pay $1 for mortgage insurance up to 90%

Below are some examples of potential savings based on this offer

•$350,000 purchase price @ 90% = $5.697, now only $1
•$500,000 purchase price @ 90% = $8,200, now only $1
•$700,000 purchase price @ 90% = $15,587, now only $1

The above savings are huge!

To Be Eligible for this promotion, loan applications must satisfy the following criteria:

  • New loan application with new to bank security property
  • LVR (including the $1 LMI premium) must be greater than 80% and less than or equal to 90%
  • Loan application must be under pro pack
  • Loan purchase must be to purchase an Owner Occupied property 
  • Repayment type must be Principal & Interest (for the total loan amount)
  • Meet LMI credit guidelines

Standard bank criteria, credit assessment and verification of documents are still required. If you are interested in this offer or would like some further information, contact Anish on 0455 500 554

Promotion Ended