We were given Anish’s name as a financial broker when we were in the process of buying and selling property.  Our real estate agent gave us his name and we had an open mind about working with Anish.  In hindsight we can say that both the real estate agent and the financial broker, Anish Prasad, whom she recommended are extremely competent, knowledgeable and trustworthy professionals.


Anish initially visited us at home and discussed with us financial options in terms of buying, selling and renting.  One option for us was to rent our current home and purchase a new one.  Anish ruled out this option when he determined it would involve a large mortgage insurance outlay and obvious financial risk for us.  We feel that other financial advisors may have encouraged this option as it would have been to their financial advantage.


Anish organised 2 valuations throughout the process, the first on the property we were listing to sell.  This valuation gave us a clear figure to work with when listing the property and negotiating a sale price with potential buyers.  Anish organised the second valuation for the property we wanted to purchase.  This was a great strategy that we had not thought of and allowed us to negotiate successfully with quite difficult vendors.  We were not charged for either of the valuations and Anish organised them in a very short period of time which we feel is of paramount importance when buying and selling property.


On every occasion, Anish promptly replied to emails, phone messages and text messages in a composed and professional manner.  In a number of conversations over a period of a few months, he was able to provide us with different pieces of advice that were very helpful at the time.  It is our opinion that Anish has a deep understanding of everything financial and considerable experience with the buying/selling process.  In the past, we have found that some brokers and bank financiers only seem to know how to use a financial online package and don’t really have an understanding of how mortgages are set up, function and how making changes affect the outcome.  This is not the case with Anish.  He not only has the deep understanding, he is able to communicate this in a clear and simple manner to his clients.


We would definitely recommend Anish Prasad to others who require financial advice in terms of buying and selling property.  He understands the importance of being available to his clients and doing everything in his power to work on their behalf.  The beautiful gift basket that we received after we moved into our new home only highlights his attention to detail and professionalism and he continues to make his expertise available to us after the purchase of our property when we have questions about our new mortgage.


Paul and Sue – Marcoola
(Our happy clients for life)